Thursday, October 09, 2008

Malaysians Are An Incredible Lot

The Soiled Leg is running for Deputy in MCA coming election.

The "I No Speak Inglis" MMT is running for Deputy in UMNO coming election.

The ex-Sabah CM OS who was owing the casinos in UK a few millions debt also running for his UMNO division head.

Feel free to add on to the list....


Anonymous said...

Dear CK,

The "we do not need the East Malaysians to win the next election" AR is also vying for the UMNO VP coming election.

Orang Bukit

Helen said...

Hehehehhe this is democracy at its best! THis just dispel the myth ppl are discriminated in this country. See, we don't hold anything against anyone, even crooks and liars. Muaharhahar

CK said...

orang bukit,
i was waiting for the stupid bung to "offer" himself for higher post.

tat's true. so, no one is marginalised hahaha