Sunday, October 05, 2008

What I Did During Raya Holiday

........................was watching Brothers & Sisters errr...... 2 seasons in one go albeit I watched the Season 2 before rewatching the Season 1.
I had been very selective with the sitcoms/series that I watched since series took a lot of time, chasing episodes after episodes and I have only bought some series which I really treasure.
The first series I bought was Six Feet Under. I have full 5 seasons and in awe with the great performances of actors such as Rachel Griffiths, Lauren Graham, Michael C. Hall and Frances Conroy.
I had Grey's Anatomy as well, but only have Seasons 2 DVDs. The show is funny with very poignant themes every episodes though it became lacklustre during the later seasons.
I bought Dexter (Season 1 & 2), a series about a serial killer who's also a police at the same time. Yeah... talking about crime fighting right? OK, mainly because it stars Michael C. Hall who's also in Six Feet Under too.
And Brothers & Sisters is really a good purchase. I don't want to hard-sell but it's REALLY good.
Having watched Brothers & Sisters, both seasons, it's really a emotional roller-coaster ride.

Family brings out the best and the worst out of us.


Anonymous said...

standard-lah. ;) CNY also almost standard...=) But nice to meet everyone, etc. Kee Kee.
Hmmmm, may get brothers + sisters. my sis is crazy about House, not sure which season she bought, or was it TV.
I liked West Wing. And The Company.

CK said...

oh, House is funny. But the other casting really pales commpared to Huh Laurie. I love West Wing too. If you like WW, you will like Bro & Sis too cox Calista Flockart's character hitched up with Rob Lowe's, who's running for president. How bt tat?