Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan got Laduk ah???

The Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) was bestowed with the Datuk title awarded by the Malacca's nominal head of state, Mohammad Khalil Yaakob..... read here

(with all due respect, is this the Khalil Yaakob ex-Information Minister from UMNO???? So, UMNO man can be the head of state just like tat? Oh...what can I say, just look at the list Sabah's head of state know already lah.... OK, another story)

.....for his contribution in promoting tourism in Malacca!!!

Wow... am I supposed to be outraged? Of course not!!!!!!!!!! Aiyah.... all this laduk laduk thing like shopping in the flea market nowadays already.... it's NOTHING RARE lah (like the Cantonese says, if you take a M16 and do a shooting spree on the street, you will definitely hit quite a lot of them). Sooner maybe Ali Rustam (AR)can give award to laduk or tansili or maybe even dun to Afonso de Albuquerque for if it's not because of Afonso, AR won't get the job and speak so much to show the whole world how clever he is.


CruelAngel said...



aiy0 y0!

not sure if Datuk Shah understand what is datuk or not.

If Shah rukh khan deserve datuk, then i deserve TUN adi... hahaha

btw, i respect those politician without DATUK only!

CruelAngel said...

last night I dreamt that Shah Rukh Khan wears underwear with Jalur Gemilang infront and the guy who give him the datukship at the back!

If that's true, Shah Rukh Khan deserve a datukship!

Helen said...

To be honest, this one is the BEST looking latuk EVER!

I don't mind. THey've given latukship to crooks and scums before. COmpared with those, this one looks justified. :-)

Hehehhe datuk is killer abs. Woot woot

RunWitMe said...

What rubbish! In that case, Jacky Chan, Aaron Kwok, Sammi Cheng should all been given Datukship for filming in Malaysia.

steph said...

80 people bestowed for a yearly bday tis particular year....80!! 69 in 2006 n 85 in 2007. Pick a number for 2009, remember it must be a number bigger than d age!

zewt said...

this has gotta be the biggest joke ever.

CK said...

Mona Fandey als should be awarded then cox not only he made her kampung and her "witchcraft" the talk of the town but it also inspired loads of new fukn to be made.

Or you guys forgot who's she???