Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1111 : The Singles' Day

Yeah... today's the Single's Day. Those anti-Valentine's people will rejoice on this day I guess. And you must be wondering why, of 365 days a year, why Nov 11? Wiki says that this particular day was originated in China and in Chinese, single men are called 光棍 which literally translated as bare stick hence the choice of 1111 as the day representing the Singles's Day.
So, to all you singles out there! Enjoy the day! And survive the other 364 non-Singles' Day-days.

Listened to HK radio and the DJ played "Lovefools" sang by a Japanese singer in bossa nova version. Reminded me of the original versions by The Cardigans. And the video above is an acoustic version. The anime MV puzzled me and I'm still wondering is the singer is the original Nina Persson. By the way, anyone know the Japanese movie featured?


chongerin said...

I never thought there's such day! I have 3 friends whose birthday is on 11th Nov :D and I thought 1111 is really cool. Wait till 2011, it'll be the a BIGGEST Singles' Day: 111111!

CruelAngel said...

Wow! This is NEWS... SINGLE DAYS!

Do the world celebrate multi-partner days?