Saturday, November 01, 2008

Unfinished : Goodies from Indonesia (A Long Overdue Post)

Yeah... that's the whole stack of CDs I bought during my trip to Indonesia couple of months ago and yes, good music. Way much better than Malaysia's as they are more vibrant and plenty of varieties. I will elaborate more after this.

Reza - Keajaiban


d'Cinnamons - Good Morning

Bali Lounge

Afgan - Confession No. 1

Two Triple-O - Finally

Sevensoul - Long Journey

Aditya - Be Mine

Marcell - Hidup
(Nina, you will like this :)

Love Love Love - Bibus

Tompi - Playful & My Happy Life

Maliq D'Essentials - 1st & Free Your Mind


Hope said...


Glad you posted this. Thanks for introducing me to him.

I'm sure I'll love it. I hope I can find that album here. Will go CD hunting tomorrow.

CK said...

i will elaborate more on each CDs...

defoo said...

Ur CD rocks!! Btw Tompi is a friedn of mine ^_^

CK said...

tat's my indonesian CDs collection. wow... u know Tompi? great! when's the new album?