Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mana Tu? Tenom? Kat Mana?

Well... who knows where's Tenom? Well, for many Sabahans, Tenom is synonymously associated with the famous Tenom Coffee, the local style and also the Agriculture Park as one of its tourist attraction. Having said that, not many been to Tenom.

However, it recently made the headlines as the Parliamentary Seat that used the most allocation for the festive season such as open house and other celebrations in 2007 alone. It used up to RM988436.00 for a total of 58 functions averaging RM17042 each. And on the top 10, Putatan (86), Tawau (66), Silam (40)and Sepanggar (54) also made the list with about RM900,000.00 each as well but with more numbers of functions.

Just take Tenom for example. According to Wikipedia, the population in Tenom in 2006 is 46,200. Wow..... Tenom people really had a jolly good time. I wonder whether any of the press go to Tenom and ask how many celebrations they KNOW and WENT in 2007. It's good to note that Tenom is about 4-5 hours driving from KK deep in the rural Sabah. There's a Chinese saying literally means... "Mountain Is High, King Is Far"

See the response of some of the MPs of the respective area here :

Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui (SAPP – Tawau) has clarified that she was not the MP last year. It was Shim Paw Fatt.
Datuk Dr Marcus Makin Mojigoh (BN – Putatan) denied spending that much: “I am not aware of the allocation.”

So, what do you expect???? Well, wait for another episode with Azalina on the Pempena probe.... In a way, Azalina didn't yell out the response by Dr. Chua above but it's interesting to see the response of the ex-Tourism Miniter the so-called Tengku Adnan..... but hey, he's kinda low-profile lately kan? Thought the last I saw him in the news is when he sat smiling next to the Ahmad-pendatang-fame during his press conference. Answer lah Tengky Adnan.... pity Azalina has to answer your doings and at the same time got questioned on her own previous Sports and Youth Minister too.......


eugene said...

How can Razak Baginda be so sure that Najib never met Altantuya, was he with him 24/7

stupid fella expecting us to believe all his crap

CK said...

yeah... it's all crap crap crap.