Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Is This????? Coming from a Cabinet Minister and so-called constitution expert???????????

I don't hate old people but with people like TDM and this one.......

Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim has called for the strengthening of Malay politics through numbers so that other races will stop denigrating and ridiculing Malays. ~ BERNAMA

.......really tops it off. Where's the sedition act when we need it? Isn't this some threat masked in the name of Ketuanan Melayu?

Gosh... I really fed up with all this thing. Every time UMNO having elections, these are all the sandiwara being played to the gallery. Tonnes and tonnes of them and these are all the buggers who's running our country. With oil and palm oil price coming down globally, which our country solely depend on, the economy should be the top priority but yeah... party election more important.


Anonymous said...

yeah i've lost it too and posted on this.
i used to respect rais yatim.
umno is caught it the past.
it's just prob time for a change.
and it's not 'cos of me but 'cos their message alienates Malaysians.

CruelAngel said...

wat madir said is very true...

if we want the malay to give up their privelages... we also need to give up our chinese education.

chongerin said...

how do we let them know enough is enough..

eugene said...

if Malaysia is to charge fowards,firstly we should get rid of old thinking,bigot ministers like this guy

they are to no good