Sunday, November 02, 2008

那些情怀 those nostalgic memory....


Some songs are just so memory-provoking. When you listen to them, your mind wonders to the time and space where you first listen to them or you automatically switched to the people and things or occasion associated to them. And this album is definitely packing a great lot of them for me. Some of the songs in the album....

reminded me of the 1st album of Shunza that i bought. heard the song over the radio and the MTV was nice. still remember that. and Shunza rocks!!! her 1st debut album remained the best to me.

the original song which Faye Wong covered as 暧昧
the old song "re-heat" by strings of attempts by the participants of various reality-style singing competition. a fresh "bossa" take of the classic by 万芳
another classic by 林晓培
wow....though not my era, this oldie written by 罗大佑 sang by 苏芮still proved its punch
飞机场的10 点半
1st song of David Tao that I listened over the now defunct Voice of Asia 亚洲之声 radio. i dun like this new take, a bit overdone on the vocal, to me.
a so-so retake of 周华健's work
i love this rendition as much as the original one by Kit Chan 陈洁仪

another classic from 黄小琥 famous for her husky voice

tear jerker number from Tracy Huang 黄莺莺

sang by 范晓萱 this number written by 李泉 used to haunt me with 李泉's amazing fingerwork on the piano and yes, in this fresh take, Roger's amazing fingerwork is the kick!!!

The album is called 2V1G which means 2 voices 1 guitar is a collaboration between 何芸妮 & 戴丽津 as the main vocals and our local famous Sabahan guitarist Roger Wang. Truth to be told, I am not especially awed by the vocals but the re-arrangement of the songs made its place in my heart and of course, Roger's guitar is great and is especially impressive in the last song, 我要我们在一起. Those who know the song will appreciate the difficulty level of guitar plucking for this particular number.

Some inexplicable emotions were provoked and coupled with the gloomy sun-less weather these 2 days in Sandakan definitely set the mood for the weekend. Hey, where's my cup of cheap kopi-O?
P/S : Thanks to Sophia who helped me buy the album, well....with signature from Roger too!!!


eugene said...

I really love this song from Huang Sio Hu, "not just a friend", this album was given to me many years ago by a girl whom i really liked, but eventually i found out that she was already married...

and you know what the lyrics of the song really killed me emotionally at that time....

sob sob

CK said...

oh... pity u eugene...

tat's y i said all the songs managed to provoke some memories...
u should buy the album. plus Roger Wang the guitarist is a local Sabahan with his music studio in Damai. support original kan?

yes, the lyrics really killing... and huang xiao hu's voice really killed everyone!

RunWitMe said...

Can rip for me ah? Now money abit tight? :P

chongerin said...

CANNOT RIP! It's a creative production, not produced in mass. Tan, protect local talent :D

CK said...

delete all your downloaded mp3s if tat's the case.