Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Royal Immunities?

The Regent of Negeri Sembilan asking for reinstatement of the royal immunities. But I'm wondering whether he represent ALL the Malay rulers or he's speaking based on his own opinion. Waiting for statement from Raja Nazrin.

Why they should be immuned? Should I ask this question? Or put it bluntly... do I have the right to ask why they should be immuned?


Cruel Angel said...

yeah give them all the immunities..

inject them with horses, dogs, turtles... IMUMITIES vaccine!

eugene said...

i thought every man is equal in the eye of law,so what immunity is there for.

and our country is governed by rules and laws, pengsang la saya

chongerin said...

I wonder what he meant when he said they could play a better role after having immunity, what difference does it made?