Thursday, November 13, 2008

Into The Wild (2007)


Road movie and coming of age travelogue. Don't judge.
Directed by Sean Penn, it's an interesting feature. Boasted a great cast with Marcia Gay Hayden, William Hurt, Jeena Malone, Vince Vaugh in practically a cameo-role and my favourite Catherine Keener it's basically a vehicle carried solely by Penn's direction and the star himself, Emile Hirsch which I am pretty sure will have his star shine like Penn in the future; not in the blockbuster box-office type of movie star. And of course Hal Holbrook the veteran who managed to snatch an Oscar nomination in supporting role.
Coming of age travelogue about a youngster who want to challenge his limit in his life, giving up everything after his graduation and live alone in Alaska. (Oh... did he get the consent from Ms. Palin?). Interesting.
WARNING : It's a slow-paced movie. Not as bad as Terence Malick in The Thin Red Line but it's definitely slooooowwww.

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