Thursday, November 13, 2008

Indonesian Music 1 - Afgan

OK, I'm gonna do a series of music album review and to start that off, it has to be Afgan. When I was in Bandung about half a year ago to attend a friend's wedding plus own holiday, the TV is playing the song by a young chap called Afgan. Yes, the name is Afgan so it's something like Obama to Osama. At the time, his MV is playing all over and I mean REALLY all over the TV and while channel surfing the TV in the hotel (Indonesia has soooo many TV channels), I gave the young chap a miss, sort of boxing him to some cute young boy marketing himself to the young gals and stuff oh... remember the Mawi mania we had here in Malaysia not long ago???
But when I was taking a train (forgot how long was it but I think it should 4-5 hours) from Bandung to Yogyakarta, I managed to watch his MV after finishing my Indonesian koran (which means newspaper). The song was his 1st single called Terima Kasih Cinta (see... it's a mushy mushy love ballad) and it's not bad actually. And his voice is good. I mean it's like a deep thick voice in a 20 yo chap.

And the 1st single is not the best in my opinion. I particularly like his other single called Sadis. Nice melody and his voice really shines in this number. Another song I like is called Betapa Aku CInta Padamu a slightly jazzy tune with very apparent old-skool feel.

A nice album. And seems like Malaysia caught the flu of his popularity in Indonesia. He's scheduled to promo his album this month I think, with a group in Facebook as well. But with the recent hoo-ha about 90:10 ratio of local:foreign songs airplay in local Radio, it will take a slight dip but good voice is still a good voice. Play Afgan anytime but no thanks, no Mawi. Seriously, no Mawi for me.
P/S : More Indonesian albums to come... to have a feel of how many.... read here

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Danny said...

Hey, that single is my ringtone lo.. hehehe