Sunday, September 24, 2006

Books and Reading Material

Bought this series for RM6/unit. It comes together with the sequel and prequel. The Condor something translated in English. It's the classic martial arts novel from the great Jing Yong. The passion of watching the TVB drama series channeled into my strong interest to learn Chinese which lead me to my long process of Chinese self-learning. And I am proud of that now!

One of the dreams while I am in secondary school is to become a writer. Haha.... penulis lah katakan... I participated in lots of essay writing competition and enjoy the sajak too. Well... all of them in Malay. I managed to win some nation-wide competition and it did boost up my profile and confidence. I was even selected to represent the school in the pantun competition, no small feat for a Chinese student I think haha.... But the writing passion soon disappear just like that! I think I lacked the discipline and determination. To make it worse, my Malay deteriorate dramatically now due to lack of usage and practise.

My school bulletin and I was the Editor for the 1st volume ever!!! I guess it's still being published now...

My reading material when I was in primary school. Haha...kinda childish right?

My Malay reading material, with lots of title useful for the writer-wannabe hahaha..........

There was a craze during my Form 6 years - undergraduate years for the writer Liu Yong. Bought quite a number of his books but find that it's repetitive after that. I guess it's quite hard for writer, or any artistic contributors to maintain authenticity and new, interesting works all the time.

My reading material when I was studying in university. Totally engrossed in anything movie or film-related stuff. The cover above is one of my favourite movie, In The Mood for Love by Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung.

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