Saturday, September 30, 2006

Devil Wears Prada to Banquet

My 10 Points Summary :
1. Nice loose adaptation of Hamlet
2. Good casting, eventhough I dun quite really like Ziyi. Surprise : Wang Xiao Ming's general character is far more impactful than Daniel's Wu Luan.
3. Love the opening scene, still haunting my mind, the song and the choreograph of the dance performed though the way the artistes there stand still for the assassins to get their life is way too unrealistic.
4. What happened to the soldiers? They're all "Lord of the Ring" type!
5. Opened my eyes of the existence of candle chandelier haha......
6. The set is too lavish to be true but yet, still very beautiful and one couldn't help but thinking it's really being geared towards Oscar, nominations at least if not winning
7. If you like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, you'll love this. Not typical Chinese period piece with less action kung-fu scenes than CTHD.
8. Pay attention to the dialogue.
9. Ziyi looked better in period costumes and yes, she's good here. It's practically she or rather her character who drives the whole film.
10. Nice musics by Tenger (Mongolian singer?) and the closing credit song by Zhang Liang Ying.

Watched the long awaited chick flick.... Devil Wears Prada. Not a chick, what made me went to watch it is due to the mere fact the fantastic Meryl Streep is in it. And once again, she scored!!!! I would say she single-handedly transform the movie from some predictable-plot of small girl went on a path threading away from her original life goal by shifting the attention to her character. Of course, Anne Hathaway is doing a good job as the main character, managed to portray her struggle of choosing between her original dream and the glitter-and-fame life in front of her. Not a avid fashion follower myself, the movie is STUFFED with tonnes of clothes, bags, shoes and name throwing which I am not tat familiar with. All in all, a good turn out for Streep though it may be too easy for her and generally an enjoyable one.

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