Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fried Green Tomatoes

OK... before I watched this, just by looking at the cover, I guess it's another "Steel Magnolia"-ish kind of movie but it's not.

It's a movie with simple story adapted from a novel whose author also penned the screenplay for the movie. It's a story about a 83 years old lady in an old folks home and a middle-aged woman. The old woman played by Jessica Tandy tells a captivating story to Evelyn, the middle-aged woman played by Kathy Bates. It's the tried-and-tested formula whereby at the end you will find the story told was actually the story of the story-teller herself only revealed at the end of the movie. Nice.

Casting wise... another grouping of acting gems. Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy? No questions asked. Just recall Driving Miss Daisy and Misery anyone??? Then the two Mary's who played the younger character in the stories told, Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary-Louise Parker were brilliant too. Chris O'Donnell had a short cameo.

Idgie : I feel better now.

Evelyn : Good.

Idgie : I feel better 'cause all these people'll live as long as you remember 'em...... You reminded me about what the most important thing in life is. Do you know what I think it is?

Evelyn : No, ma'am.

Idgie : friends........ best friends.

To all my friends, who you know who you are.... it's great to have you in my life!

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