Thursday, September 14, 2006


Scene 1
KT told the media that some abuse of the fund allocated to some schools may happened. HH attacked him in response to that, with personal attack remark such as his lone ranger way in his own party and saying KT trying to become the race hero.

KT have to apologize and his immediate boss came up with an official statement saying KT made mistake as his remark to media is deemed to be disrespect to government servants.

Scene 2
JK said his own people were being sidelined in the development in state P because state P is not headed by people his own race. And he also said that other race, C in particular will take advantage if his own party is weak.

JK being asked to apologize but he refused to and seems like his bosses were at his back.

Is this fair? Who is trying to play with race card here? Who's being arrogant here?

I'm clueless and deeply disappointed. What a way to celebrate Malaysia day this coming September 16?

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