Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Flight That Fought Back - United 93

Watched the Discovery offering this morning. My heart sank. My feeling tanked. My mind numbed. It's amazing how the family members of the passengers on the United 93 flight braved themselves and came forward to tell their stories. Bravery.

Though some fraction of the society may dismissed this as some propaganda to provoke the emotions and stirred up the "oh-the-war-is-needed-to-end-terrorism" sentiments, I chose to ignore that and focus on the passengers of the flight instead. Like what one of the family member said during the show, they were fighting for their going back to their family, for their promises to their families etc, not really the will to prevent the flight to crash to Capitol Building as it was speculated.

My condolence to the family members of the passengers of United 93.

Now I am waiting anxiously for the release of United 93 movie which was already shown. Filtering out the 911 sentiments, I think we can take the movie as it is and dismissed any speculations on the propaganda thingy, which is inevitable. Hmm.... very oxymoronic right?

God Bless.

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