Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Riding the Bus with My Sister (2005)

I watched this inspiring story on Hallmark Channel 10. I know Hallmark is known for some warm and inspiring TV shows. This TV movie is directed by Anjelica Huston, famous for her role in The Addam's Family Value movie. When I decided to blog about this nice movie and trying to search the ever-dependable IMDB site for a poster of it, only then I know there's no poster in IMDB site.

Wonderful casting; Andie MacDowell as the title character and Rosie O'Donnell as the "sister" is superb! The movie was actually based on a novel and I guess the author is MacDowell's character herself. If you enjoy Sean Penn's performance in "I Am Sam", then you'll enjoy this. O'Donnell is brilliant and her portrayal is to-the-point without overly dramatise the mentally-challenged character which is so easy to be overdone. Can't compare much to her other movies as I only remember her role in A League of Their Own. Not familiar with MacDowell's movies; the notable one is "Four Wedding and A Funeral".

Go watch the re-run in Hallmark. It's a refreshing watch in the middle of stashes of tonnes of reality-supernatural TV series.

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