Sunday, September 24, 2006

What to do when you are under the weather?

The answer to the above question is.... blogging. It's raining in the morning here in KK. A long delayed post of the old stuff I unearthed in my room.... Upon taking pics of them, I threw them away...

My trainee card and also safety and health personal passport during my stint as industrial trainee in Shell. Brought back memory of staying with the Kab family in Miri and also the housemates there..... Pat, Kat, Justin, Chee Haw and Bala... and other trainee, e.g. Kitty, Chek Tang, Ngui, David, etc... Time do flies and Miri always held a special place in my heart...

The saving grace for poor student like me, GRADS. Confirmed flight at 25% discount and stand-by seat at 50%.

The student card when I was in USM. I like the baldy look I sported during the 2nd year. Easily maintained because riding on motor with helmet didn't do much justification of having a sophisticated hairstyle, not to mention with the enormous size of my head (the one with brain inside), it's almost impossible to don some fabulous hairstyle, hence "botak" seems the right way to go. Hm... uni time... such a nice time with some sweet memory, spent in the ulu town of Tronoh, Perak for the first 2 years of undergraduate and then another year in Transkrian/Parit Buntar. Miss you guys and gals......

Another memorable phase in my life, the real freedom and independence from home as I spent my form 6 in Kota Kinabalu. Stayed in a hostel with some quirky and fun character, made up of nice fond memories.

Boring and too-self-righteous period of my life, spending the priced years of secondary school time being a school-prefect and other politically-correct activities. Missed out the rebellious years of my years though never regret spending majority of my time in Red Crescent activities with a group of really good friends.

A testament of my book-wormish style and lilfe in general. I have 4 library cards which enables me to borrow 8 books which I can finish in just a day or so. Definitely a regular visitor to the town library knowing every single librarian there. Pathetic huh?

The name tag of my proud Red Crescent uniform. Lots of my life experience came from the 5 years of involvement.

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