Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is There A Choice??? (UPDATED)

Guess which one I watched. Well, in fact I have no choice.
I have no choice as Design for Living 华丽上班族之生活与生存. 张艾嘉 (Sylvia) x 林奕华. Too bad the show was shown and I can only watch the other one.
The one that I watched was really a typical HK Cantonese piece. You won't enjoy it cox it's full of Cantonese-infused gags and slangs that will leave you puzzled while the people around laugh their heart out. Well, not me. I thoroughly enjoy the show which comprised of a total of 20 segments including the prelude and the ending scene. The actors were accomplished theatre people except for YiMan from the pop group, At17 who made her debut here, a credible one.
It explored the cliche yet still damn relevant topics of relationship between men and women. It was an enjoyable evening. I wish Malaysia has more these kind of shows.

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