Thursday, April 09, 2009

"New" Cabinet Line-Up

Wah..... 20% "new" faces is so much that Najib can bring to his cabinet line-up. And we thought there'll be changes???? Continue dreaming.

1. Anifah Aman got his wish. Well, he rejected the deputy minister post in post-308 Badawi's cabinet and now being made Foreign Minister.
2. KJ out and Mukhriz in as deputy minister? See... the old hand still has some power play and string pulling despite being the declining "pop-star"
3. I'm wondering if Hishamuddin gonna bring his keris to his new post, the Internal Affair. Wow... with ISA and keris, now the package is complete.
4. Koh Tsu Koon got a post under Najib in-charge of Unity and Performance Management.... errr....what's performance management??? Oh... you mean he's in-charge of KPIs????
5. Rais Yatim in-charge of Information, Communication, Art and Culture. Hmmm.... hope Rais will not be un-informed, in-communicable (is there such a word???), un-artistic and un-cultured like his predecessor (not the immediate one though)
6. Energy, GREEN TECHNOLOGY and Water ( "in" lah....very the Al-Gore-Leonardo-Dicaprio GREEN crusader)
7. Sabah got 4 full ministers (and I'm VERY SURE the local Sabah paper will make full blow of this. Also I think Najib will be making trips more frequently to Sabah.)
8. Sarawak got only 2 full ministers and luckily Peter Chin is retained. I think he did well in his previous post. I wonder how this will play out in the coming Sarawak state election...

If you ask me... aiya... same old same old lah. Nothing's changed and will not dream so.


steph said...

VK Liew is in too....

CK said...

haha..u just couldn't let go of him right? haha... he's actually in already before the shuffle.