Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rushing To The End of Nowhere (UPDATED)

From the way things unfold in our beloved Malaysia, it looks like there's no future ahead.

1. Najib, tell us what you REALLY mean by OneMalaysia oh... the so cool slogan you spurned out the moment you become PM. Why OneMalaysia and not SatuMalaysia? (ok...that's another issue I'm not that interested). He must explain it and if he didn't this Awang Selamat (AS) from Mingguan Malaysia did already in the UMNO-owned newspaper in what called One Malaysia - versi sebenar. So, AS is saying what Najib said is not true hence berbohong kerana itu bukan versi sebenar? Pening kepalaku! And since it's UMNO-owned paper, why the contradiction? Or it's to cater 2 different group of people as they are so used to British way of pecah dan perintah (divide and rule)?

2. The Deputy PM being the No. 2 in the country is saying something about BN felt deceived by Chinese boters and the community should be grateful for government assistance to Chinese schools. (Malaysian Insider) Maybe he mistakenly assume all the Malaysian citizens are like the UMNO members. Maybe he got so used to money politics which the disciplinary board in UMNO refused to equate with corruption. I am surprised why no one object or ask him to explain why he made such a comment. But then he can used the tried-and-tested trick saying that he has been misquoted by the press errr....but it's Mingguan Malaysia so how ah? Can sue ah? Sendiri sue sendiri?

Sigh~~~so unpredictable. Blaming the press twisted his statement again. Old trick lah and not gonna work. Not only that, he dragged Ong Tee Keat by saying OTK is agreeing with him that nothing wrong with his statement. Wow.... now we gonna see what choice OTK gonna make.

Ktemoc said it right here

3. I wanna sleep cox no eye see. Night.

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