Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Singing Nun - Dominique

I still remember my university year when I bought my first computer and hooked on the solitaire game (err....still kinda is hahahaha....) played that until early morning the first night I put up the desktop. Besides using it for assignment, which was just about 20% max of the usage, the rest of the time was dedicated to playing VCDs which can be found in great abundance in pasar malam at a very cheap price!!!!!!!!! And also with internet connection (dial-up, mind you!!!!) when I was in 3rd year, I managed to "collect" quite a number of songs.

One of the song that I searched for quite long and proud that it was in my "collection" was Dominique by The Singing Nun. I first heard the song over 988 radio station but I forgot which DJ play it, either 林丽叶 or 展雄 but it stuck in my mind. Reclaimed by the Belgians, now a movie will be soon released on The Singing Nun. The real story here and the movie (1966 version) is here. Enjoy the quiryky Dominique.

Dominique - The Singing Nun

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