Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saint Jean en Royans II : The Gift of Nature

Rose in the garden.

It's basically a small food production!!!! Michel planted lots of vegetables in the garden. Tomato one of them.

Oh... the garden comes with an apple tree as well!!!!!!!!!!! Err.....it's my first time seeing an apple tree. Nope. I didn't get a revelation like Newton did.

Air liur meleleh.....

You can still see the dew....

Can someone tell me what's that?
(Pierre : That's radish!!!)

It's prisee!!! Michel even labeled what she grew!!!!

Rows of tomato......

Err... what's this? I think it's a type of tomato as well. Bell-shaped tomato???

I remember quite a lot of times when we did the cooking (errr... hahaha... I just help with washing, cutting but not cooking itself), Michel asked Guy to go to the garden and pluck some leaves etc. I like the feeling of that and it feels so warm. Guy and Michel really were a lovely and loving couple. They never fail to amaze me with their generosity and seeing them together threw away all the skeptic thoughts and pre-loaded impression in my mind. When you find the right one, the right one it will be.


Pierre said...

FYI: the pink-red small vegetable is a "radis", I guess it's radish in english

CK said...

yes, it is. Radish!!!