Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Director : Frank Darabont
Starring : Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman
Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free
Much had been said and I am shy to admit that I only watch it recently, 15 years after the movie was made and let me tell you, when it's timeless classic, it is no matter how many years gone by. It feels like watching a new movie and nothing short of entertaining. It's in a actor-narrating style and in this case, it's Morgan Freeman. I always think some actors' voices are so distinct and recognizable great for a role of narrator and Morgan Freeman is one of them. Both Robbins and Freeman aced here and their chemistry is just spot-on and perfect. Robbins is an intense actor but controlled and made a great acting couple with Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking). Freeman is famously snubbed in Oscar for this particular role though nominated. This man had amassed a huge variety of characters including convict, US president and for God's sake, God Himself!!!! And next he will be the legendary Nelson Madela in The Human Factor.
Totally enjoyable and it has so many quotes and interesting dialogues worth catching, i.e. as cliche as it will be... Get busy living, or get busy dying.


teo said...

Hi CK,
I saw this movie when I was in UK 10 yers back. Indeed a very good show by both actors. Have u seen the recent one .... The Backet list I guess, HBO....thats a good one too especially the ending. Our recent cinema movies lack the quality, just pure entertainment with lots of sci-fi n special effects but 0 substances. Hope to see more fr Mr. Freeman, I do really like him too as an actor.

CK said...

i know which one you are talking about. The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

chonge said...

About the two critically-ill old men dealing with end of life?

Anyway, watched Shawshank Redemption during my high-school years on national tv and liked it ever since!

CK said...

yes erin, that's the one. the bucket list.