Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saint Jean en Royans IV : We Eat What You Fish

I never like fishing. I lack the patience though I can sit quietly with a book in my hand and a cup of coffee on the table. Guy an Michel planned something and they casually asked me whether I like fishing in the morning when we went to the beautiful Vercor. Haha...but they carried on with their and hid it from me the plan after lunch and brought me to a fish pond.

Well. given it's the fish pond and not the open sea or river, I didn't it will be a big problem and I did my fishing debut in Saint Jean en Royans!

Yeah, the fisher had to kill the fish they got themselves and I did it with a piece of cloth. Just one hit on the head to reduce the sufferring time.

It's not the smile of the killer ok? It's the dinner for us, we fished 3, one for each of us.

The fishes were cleaned by machine.
My only contribution is to peel off the lemon skin in slices, used in preparing the fish. Yummy!!!!

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