Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Let's Go Travelling with...............

I never saw these before but caught them many times when I was in HK. The 1st pictures were taken when I was at the Victoria Garden, the venue of the International Flower Festival.

They were bringing out their dolls!!!!!! Chinese have a sayings 人比花娇 but in this case it's definitely dolls.
And then when I was queuing up to check in my flight back, this lady in the next line also bringing out her dolls and took picture with him. This particular doll has a head but no face, it's blank without eyes, mouth or nose. She also took another one while we were queuing up to board on the plane (yes... even it's a MAS you still have to take bus and board using the mobile ladder.
P/S : No prejudice or being judgemental but they're just mere observations of mine.


TRACE said...

i will try this...=)

CK said...

yeah. so, u will bring your Barbie or what is it?