Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's Cake Cutting Now - Who Got The Biggest Slice???

OK...1st of all the answer to the question above is definitely AHMNO. But some more questions and what if keep me pondering while waiting for the announcement tomorrow at 3pm:
1. JJ is rumoured to take up a minister post. (wow... Madhatter is correct. Malay mudah lupa. In fact lots of Malaysians mudah lupa. had we forgotten about JJ? of course not the Singaporean singer JJ but the ex-minister!!!)
2. KJ no post but Mukhriz got one? Wow.....speaking of out of the box huh. I wonder how Madhatter spin about this, both if his son got a post or didn't.
3. Sabah and Sarawak expect surprises. Well... for me, the most %$#@!*&^ surprise is to see our resident clown MP get a post. Cox everyone got a share and since deputy prefect for the clown class isn't something that comes with "real" benefit mah....
Another thing. What with all the congratulations advertisement in the newspaper? Well, it's income for the newspaper but those are nothing more than product of bodekism. And to my horror, I saw one yesterday in NST (if I remember correctly) congratulating Rosmah for being the first lady with her photo (a big one... I mean really big one) printed on a full page!!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh~~~really no eye see. I'm gonna entertain myself by listening to the songs posted below. Don't wanna "sai hi".

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