Friday, April 10, 2009

Doubt (2008)

Doubt (2008)
Director : John Patrick Shanley
Cast : Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Viola Davis
Tagline : There is no evidence. There are no witnesses. But for one, there is no doubt

I purposely didn't write an immediate post on this movie, which I watched few weeks ago. Of course, I did message some of my good friends after watching it since it's quite a hype during 2008 Oscar as it managed to get 4 acting nominations. My immediate feeling after watching it was that it's a very well acted movie. Living up to the 4 acting nominations, the stellar cast proved that you can't take away the gist of these good actors i.e. Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams (yes, she's the Amy Adams in Enchanted) and Viola Davis. Just like Streep's last line in the movie, "I have such doubts". I remembered when the movie finish with that line, I was left wanting for more. It's not like I hate movies ended without conclusion or leaving room for the audiences to think or draw their own ending but this particular one made me wanting for more. It felt like cheated but not really in a bad way. Yeah.. such doubt.

I marinated with the movie for quite some time. Marinated means that I have some thinking going on and with good movies, you sometimes finds that some part of the movie or dialogue popping up unexpectedly and Doubt is one of those. And it's a good one of those.

Some dialogues in the movie reminded me of the character played by Lei Si Kei in HK TVB drama. Yeah.. I know it's totally irrelevant and no connection at all but just couldn't help it though I didn't watch the TVB series itself. Something about what she thinks/sees are evidence and no proof needed.

The scenes between Adams and Streep, Streep and Hoffman are joy to watch and I remembered one of them between Adams and Streep.
Adam : I don't think Father Flynn did anything wrong.
Streep: You just want things to be resolved so you can have simplicity back.
How true!!!!!

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