Monday, May 25, 2009

Can We Stop The Lift?

I like to rewatch the good movies or series that I love. Having Six Feet Under, Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Will & Grace in re-run I am moving to Grey's Anatomy now.
One of the episodes in 2nd Season featured a train-wreck and there were two people stuck together with a pole "stabbed" them facing each other. The surgeons had to choose to sacrifice one of them in order to save the other. After the touching and sad yet heartbreaking decision ordeal, they managed to save one of them.
After telling the family of the dead patient, there was a scene with Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Miranda Bailey together in the lift. Both of them were sad and Shepherd was too devastated and at the verge of breakdown. Bailey pressed the button to stop the lift. She allowed Shepherd to weep and asked him when she want to undo the stop button.
It's a simple yet effective scene which I think Bailey is great, a marvellous performance from Chandra Wilson (Give her a damn Emmy Awards, man!!!!! She's been nominated for three consecutive years!!!! 2006-08!!!!)
And well.... isn't it good to have the stop button pressed once in a while??? And we do need that sometimes.


chonge said...

U watched Big Fish right?
The moment could "stop".. but when it resumes back, it accelerate its pace to catch up with actual.
What a spoiler!

steph said...

Hmmm...I tot u din like GA. I remember u commented smtg when I said I love it.
I highly recommend HIMYM ( It's great. It's like the next Friends.