Friday, May 08, 2009

It's Friday and This Is Funny (UPDATED)

New updates :
Gosh... this Hee woman is really something. After saying that the "appeared to be spray canister" she was photographed holding was indeed a hotel key in a press conference, now she CHANGED her story again!!! She now said that canister was not hers but it was belonged to another ADUN.
You gotta admire her guts to lie so blatantly in the public. She now said she picked it up from the floor and asked the assemblyman Yew whether it was Yew's. Now she said a book was thrown at her. I wouldn't throw anything to her. Throwing a book at her is an insult to the book itself. Shame on her.
Original :
We shouldn't laugh at Malaysians whom might not get the chance to have a proper education or teaching on Bahasa Melayu (or Malaysia now?) or English because my parents are one of them. But to think that these people gonna carry the big responsibility to sit in the state assembly and run the state is really a scary thought. I stumbled upon a comment left by a reader of the Malaysian Insider post (here) and it was indeed a great way to laugh away the coming weekend. First, read the whole article at the link above. Then read the comment below :

written by Chris Chong, May 08, 2009
"There were 31 of us, even without me there were, so we have the majority, this is democracy," said the Jelapang lawmaker, speaking in halting and bad Bahasa Malaysia when meeting reporters here today.

I'd imaine she probably said something like this :

"Kita ada sama tigapulo satu olang. Saya tada pun kita ada kasi itu majority la. Itu olang katakan demonkrasi la. Ya?"

Chris, tat's a great one!!!!!!!!!

from the lady who used pepper spray and tore 2 pieces of RM1 note

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