Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drawing Comparison

It's already quite puzzling when you find people start comparing themselves with Obama, which one of the candidate during the previous 3B by-elections did but nothing beats the audacity of BN-Perak MB Zambry Kadir who invoked "more classic" names in his blog to describe his political challenges.
Prepare yourselves to.... like what Patrick Teoh said in his blog.... PUKE!!!
He invoked the names of the following : Mandela, Gandhi and Martin Luther King.
I need few big water pails to contain mine. Enough said.


RunWitMe said...

Vomit! Last year's lunch oso come out! Who the hey he think he is? Disgusting!

SY said...

It's mind boggling how these ppl liken themselves to great political leaders. Dirty rotten rats they are. :PPPPPPPPPPP