Thursday, May 28, 2009

No More Death Please???

The EC (Election Commission) Chief said : "I hope that there will be no more deaths of elected representatives." (what???)

and more...."We never question deaths, we never go to their houses (the deceased politicians) to check or ask their families whether they are really dead," he added. (is that EC's job as well???)

wait for more...... He also revealed that the EC spends about RM400,000 for every by-election. And to make matters worse, he revealed that Manek Urai does not even have a KFC outlet. (so....EC staff can only work in places with the existence of KFC??? and also it will be interesting to know how they spend the RM400,000.00 as well!!!!!!)

Seriously, I think Abdul Aziz is trying to catch up with the "reputation" of his predecessor, famed for his "urgently-amended-constitution" stint extension as EC Chief and not to forget the fiasco about the indelible ink. With his performance so far I bet he will come up with more interesting news in the near future.

This whole thing should not be surprising though it couldn't be helped that it did boil my blood a bit. Just like the attitude of the little Napoleons in the civil service and the PRDM who's recently on the tangkap rampage, they act as if we were still in the feudal times and they're the master (well....a very much sizable of the population thinks so.... I mean the slave as well). These little Napoleons get satisfaction by delaying your urgent need, or maybe just enjoying looking at your desperate face short of begging them but they don't realize that they're being cursed silently and if there's any karma being observed, payback time is surely guaranteed.

I seriously think the country is in constitutional crisis now. We have PRDM who's having Ops Tangkap dan Lepas without giving the hoot about the basic rights of getting legal representations, not to say to arrest the lawyers themselves. We have the judiciary in confidence crisis due to the famous tape of Correct, Correct, Correct and no actions were taken to prosecute or even investigate the case and the judiciary now is getting itself involved in legislative matter of constitutional importance.

I wish it's just the 1st phase of the bungee jump where the subject is heading to a free-fall but with all the baggages of the parties involved in the whole destruction of the nation now, I think we can just pray and do whatever we can in our capacity.

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God save Malaysia!