Sunday, May 03, 2009

Paris 5 : Eiffel in the Day

I was blessed the day I went to Eiffel as the sky was full of cloud; the way I like it!!!!
I remember Pierre mentioned a lot of Parisians think the Eiffel was just a structure of steel which in the early days, have no absolute function at all! Of course now it's a communication tower and also exhibition site. There was a painting exhibition when I was there, held in the 1st level I think. How cool is that???

Long associated with romance and love as the city itself, Eiffel do have its magic, at least to me.
The area surrounding Eiffel is a picnic area with nice grass. Many Parisians just lay down to enjoy the sun or have some picnics with their kids and friends. Always love the gardens and it reminded me of the Hyde Park sans the magnifique Eiffel.
Marie and I got a cup of coffee and sat on the grass watching the day goes by. We chatted a lot on movies and musics. We even exchanged some nice songs. Thanks Marie for sharing the India.Arie's song with me. It's truly Beautiful!!!

Childhood is the best time ever!!!!!!!!

Marie and me parted ways as she had to go back to Pierre's place to get her luggage and go to the train station. I left Eiffel to continue my exploration of the City of Light.

Peace monument with different type of writing in different language. World peace!!!

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