Friday, May 15, 2009

Daulat Tuanku???

Guess where I took this?
Seria? Bandar Sri Begawan?
No No No... It's in Sandakan!!!!!

See how good our relationships are!!!!!!!!!

We greet Sultan Brunei with Daulat Tuanku too?????


chonge said...

You think there's one somewhere there for the Highness of the Phillippines too??

CK said...

i am not so sure but with the Suluk bulletin circling around Sabah before being clamped down... you never know....

Anonymous said...

hi CK.. I hope u don't mind that I copy the Daulat Tuanku pic above.. It's my uncle's house actually (Mile 7, if I'm not mistaken??), just wanna write something abt it in my blog.. thank you..Sandakan Boleh!!

CK said...

anon 8:22pm,

sure. just kindly drop a link as acknowledgement. by the way, mind to intro yourself? r u from sandakan too?

Anonymous said...

Tq..tq.. have not done any link to any blog/web before but I'll surely try to do it.. well we need to use our initial here I guess, call me Hom and yup I'm from Sandakan too..nice blog of yours, precise and informative :) I'll be a regular visitor.. all the best!