Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Date...... with Angels and Demons

An interesting ride of thriller. Tom Hanks hair looked better than he did in Da Vinci's Code. The Israeli's female lead is less candy-like. And Ewan McGregor stole the limelight from Hanks.

An entertaining date, having all said.


teo said...

I havent see it but due to the previous hype fr DV Code, I would say its a must for me. How would u grade the movie fr 1-10?

chonge said...

u called it a date.. :) awww..

(ok, delete this after reading.. this is not meant for public-viewing)

CK said...

u shld watch it though i refrain from grading it.

u just couldn't let go huh? sigh~~~ u hav2 stop it cox it will go from irritating to annoying and even worse.

teo said...

Yes a DATE....may even get engaged and married too...So what chonge? :o awwww, huuu, oohh...

No offence CK, some people are just too narrow minded. But I like it though, at least it makes our life more colourful. Hahaha, seeing the movie 2nite!!

chonge :( said...

CK, apelar.. so touchy!
Teo, some ppl r just too narrow minded?? :'( apelar!!