Friday, May 01, 2009

Does This Confirm the Conspiracy Theory?

The Conspiracy Theory : You couldn't help but wonder if the recent power ration going on in the state of Sabah is the consequence of the fierce objection to a coal-fired power plant which is still being kept hidden from the eyes of the Sabahans with all the cabinet ministers denying approval while you can't confirm on the validity of the EIA reports, endorse or otherwise. The power plant was initially planned to be in Silam, Lahad Datu but canceled due to the environmental effect it will cause to the ecosystem and later to be moved to Sandakan. The proposed area will even create a greater damage as it's the river bed of the rich ecosystem which will cause damage to the famous Sepilok if its dynamic is being disturbed. So, you couldn't help but wonder right?
And then the official of SESB (Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd) official came out and say this.....
On committed and planned power plants, Peter said there are four in its plan, namely Ranhill (190MW), Kimanis Phase I and II (300MW), Coal-Fired IPP Phase I and II (300MW) and Upper Padas Hydro and Liwagu Hydro (300MW).
He said the Ranhill power plant is expected to be ready by next year while Kimanis Phase I in 2012, Kimanis Phase II (2019), coal-fired IPP Phase I (2013), IPP Phase II (2014), Upper Padas (2017) and Liwagu (2018).
Meanwhile, SESB Managing Director, Baharin Din, said there is a very serious need for a power plant to be set up in the East Coast of Sabah.
And at the moment, he said the most efficient would be to set up a coal-powered plant but that it has met with strong objections.
Read the full article here, from the Daily Express. Sabahans, you read it and also pay some attention to the news lately and form your own judgement.

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