Monday, May 11, 2009

Malaysiawood or Bolehwood

Alan the Great's comment in my previous posts reminded me how the recent fiasco in our beloved nation looks so similar to some movie genre.
1. Action : Sivakumar being dragged out from the assembly hall.
2. Comedy : Refer to post before this on the Hee woman and look at her picture. That looks pretty much comedy to me.
3. Porn : Chua Soi Lek
4. Supernatural Thriller : Employing witches to "clean" state assembly hall and also the finding of a jampi on under Pak Lah's seat
5. And the latest on the crime investigation : Ong Tee Keat lost his briefcase in the car and 11 were arrested. I started to think it's the PR stunt done by PDRM to showcase their ability and efficiency amidst the widely-reported cases of murderous snatch thieves etc.

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