Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Round 2 Start

Update 2

OK... No emergency sitting now but Zambry was granted stay by Court of Appeal which at the end back to square one as well. So, at the end it will just a way to legitimise the removal of Siva as speaker, only a part of the grand plan? And Nizar and Regent just talked about weather and etc??? Gosh... How can???? Nizar might not want to provoke the Regent but this is definitely something wrong.
Nizar is believed to be on the way to Ipoh to seek an audience with Sultan to ask to dissolve the assembly but Sultan is believed to be out of the country.... Hmm.... I don't feel good about this.

So, what's next? In a way, I think Zambry can call for emergency sitting with his newly-installed Speaker and get a no-confidence vote againts Nizar since they have the numerical strength.

Sigh~~~~ Back to square one???

Nizar is ruled to be the legitimate MB by the KL High Court. Of course... Zambry is expected to appeal.

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