Sunday, May 03, 2009

Paris 6 : Where You Have Your Insides Out?

For the art lovers... Centre Pompidou is the must-go place. The place is unique and outrageously artistic. Famous for its daring design where the interiors/utilities components openly displayed on the outside of the building, it created quite a buzz when it was commissioned. It remained as its special attractions till now.

Some art piece around the Centre Pompidou.

As typical as most tourist spots, you can't miss the souvenir shops nearby.

Being a movie junkie, I won't let go of chances to browse DVD store and guess what I found???? A copy of DVD of Edward Yang's (杨德昌) last movie YiYi (一一). Love this movie!!! It's not a surprise to find his movie in France as most of his later movies are funded either by Japanese or French e.g. Mahjong (麻将).

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