Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Know Them??? - "Strange" Mandarin Female Singers

Sandy Chan 陈珊妮 (2000) - 无瑕可击 Best Collection 1994-1999
Rock Records, Friendly Dogs

Liu Ching 刘沁(1998) - Light 青睐(Qing Lai)
Rock Records, Volcano Music

Faith Yang Nai Wen 杨乃文 (1997) - One
Rock Records, MagicStone Music

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Sebastian said...

Hey Atan,

陈珊妮 is an awesome singer. Her numbers such as 尼可拉斯 and 寂寞的诗 are just so good! 杨乃文 has an unconventional singing style too! Too bad she hasn't been active of late.