Sunday, September 21, 2008

Montpellier Pt 1

This is the main town square with the tram station, Pl de la Comedie. I went here almost everyday, having my meal in McD. What else? Cox it's cheap and come with free WiFi too!!!

Yes, the sky looks dramatic but it's like now you see, now you don't. The dark cloud came and gone. The square is the typpical one with cafes dotting around, being the place to sip a cuppa, to see and be seen.

One great thing I find amazing is the level of effort the city put into tourism, OK maybe it's summer holiday but the tourism centre is abuzz with lots of informations in the form of brochures, promotional pamphletes, events list and not forgetting the helpful staff too.

There was a street food fair held and lots of food and souvenir on sale along the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle.

It's a movie theatre at the Pl de la Comedie.


CruelAngel said...

the 4th pix is a very good one

RunWitMe said...

Wahhh....very dramatic la der sky. Nice pics!

CK said...

u always know the best.

yeah... it's cloudy at times so the color is dramatic. nice square/place with crowd, both tourists and locals.

CruelAngel said...


you renew this post ah?

the best pix you took so far... no4!

U need a Super telezoom lenses