Thursday, September 18, 2008

French Myth

When I decided to go to France, lots of my friends asked the same question, "You know French?" or "Isn't language a problem?" Well, in a way, the same also happened when I went to Italy 3 years ago. Having said that, I truly understand where they came from, I mean the questions. I wouldn't say English rules but nowadays mastering English will help you most of the time, of course not ALL of the time.

French people are known to be ultra protective of their own language. It should be known that most French people know English but the general perception is that they refuse to speak the language. But during my last 2-week trip to France, I think the general perception has to be changed to reflect the recent situation.

self explanatory : saw this notice at one of the open restaurant in Montpellier


CruelAngel said...

How about french kiss?

did you try the english kiss or french kiss?

CK said...

did u try the Nepal kiss CA?

Anonymous said...

the french indeed changed. They use to hate the english very much.

they hate the english-men the most.

CK said...

haha... in way, everyone hate someone sometimes...

chongerin said...

Sometimes it's more fun to travel to a country of which mother tongue is foreign :)

CK said...

exacto mundo!

Anonymous said...

Ah I like Paris.
I found speaking a bit of French helped ppl open up.
Have fond memories of rollerblading there over uni days.
Ah Paris.
But my fave Euro cities are London, Prague, Rome, even Vienna is nice.

CK said...

yes, speak a few local words always delight the locals. rollerblading in Paris? cool... where in Paris by the way?
i had a fond memory biking around Paris whole day for 1euro only.

been to London and Rome, yet to go to Prague and Vienna. Love Rome. London? Err... actually it's nice but too expensive for me.

CruelAngel said...

French toast are good but French can be learn in 3weeks if you go for the intesive course.

Not cheap, i think RM3k for 3weeks