Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's Swap

Najib is now Finance Minister and AAB took the Defense Minister instead. Let's swap.

And Nazri is the de facto Law Minister replacing Zaid?

Source : Malaysian Insider

Wow....I am sooooo impressed. Especially the law minister replacement.


Anonymous said...

if they really do their work, the country will have gone bankrupt.

Their aim is to earn as much $$$ as possible being minister. la

they need someone BRUTAL to replace Zaid.

there are no place for honest man in UMNO

chongerin said...

Sien lar.. all this drama is pulling the nation down when we should focus on nation-building..

CK said...

is nazri brutal enough??? he's quite lah now....

in this case, we should focus on damage control esp the economy as the worst is yet to come i guess....

CruelAngel said...

all this drama is making msia famous better than F1 & twin jagung.

briliant Badawi...

I bet the ending might be something very spectacular.

Pairin become PM???