Sunday, September 21, 2008

Montpellier Pt 5 : Around the City Again

Taken near the Chateau d'Eau & Aqueduc de St Clement

The famous rue Foch with famous brands dotting both sides of the road

The Palas de Justice on the Rue Foch

All the way back to the Pl de la Comedie again.... Love the cloud

And love the tram!!! It adds some serenity to the city. I imagine Penang to have tram service like preached by the blogger Anilnetto. Oh, carousel or merry-go-round is a must-have item in most of the European city I notice.


CruelAngel said...


That's no going to work because is too HOT & HUMID in msia...

sweaty ppl all around ya.

that's why nobody ride a bike in msia. la

Anonymous said...

Penang traffic do need a tram but maybe not this type of OPEN air tram.

something different.

CK said...

tram is just like LRT actually. if they want monorail in Penang, y not tram?

wat u mean? how's the CLOSED air tram look like?