Monday, September 22, 2008

Montpellier Pt 8 : Art Exhibition

Below were some of the contemporary art work on display at the St.Anne's Church. It's contemporary haha....
Well, I don't get this.

I assumed it's something to do with environment as they made the structure with plastic bags.

Like this too.....

This is my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And like they say, save the best for last!!!


steph said...

...VERY contemporary.... ;-P
btb, the last one is pretty spooky. is it a 3-d thing...? if it is, lagi spooky leh..

CK said...

oui, it's 3-d.

Anonymous said...

it's cool man, esp the last one.. ;)
i like the green fella too.
looks like some Greenpeace propaganda... ;)

CK said...

yeah... it's sth like tat. the last one cool right? hahaha