Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Sept 16 : I'm Waiting

1st thing 1st; Happy Malaysia Day. Though it's a day to be celebrated and yes, we the Sabahans and Sarawakians are having holiday, but we are having it on the virtue of celebrating the State Ruler's birthday instead of the Malaysia Day. OK, that's another rant deemed not so "in" now.
So, what's the "in" thing now? With some hours to spare, well, it's holiday though I'm still working, like AZAIT said, we work to make the rich people richer (again, another rant....see, I'm so restless today), I tried to browse Malaysiakini and it was the same "cannot find server" thingy. I hope it's the high traffic and not due to some high-hand trying to "limit" some access to some website.
As for the September 16 changing sky.... I'm quietly waiting. Quietly means that I didn't talk much about it since I didn't sit in the coffee shop that long, i.e. just had breakfast with family in the pasar. Or maybe quietly because I spent the whole morning cleaning up, sweeping and mopping the house (see.... I'm that restless haha....) or maybe I had a date with Mr. Chow about 2 hours after lunch time. And I'm still quietly waiting....
But meanwhile, the world is not waiting. Or stop moving. Or stop churning out bad news. The last few days buzzed some disturbing and worrying news. OK, the Aeroflot accident was a bad news but it's not something new in a way cox I heard some stories saying that the passengers normally gave standing ovations when the flight landed safely. The Ike and the Sinlaku thingy. The flood in lots of places. And not forgetting the Mac and Mae bailout, the Lehmann Bro bancruptcy followed by the crisis of Merrill Lynch, things are getting worse from gloomy. And looking back at our homeland here, it's indeed worrying if there's no change. Things need to be changed and we need to look into our economy for our own sake. The oil price is now USD91 and it's expected to further drop. Hmm... wonder if this had any repercussion on our side? Just hope that the gomen didn't spend based on the high price of oil, you know.... like credit card? But what the hell? They should know better right???

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