Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Pain in ..... (My Wallet Under) My Ass

What a nerd buy when he go travel? Books and CDs!!!
OK, sorry to all the nerds out there!! Haha....
I didn't buy books this time as they're heavy and I find that the books are quite expensive, of course, after conversion, everything's expensive in pound or euro.
The LP France was bought in Malaysia and the CDs & DVDs above were bought in Paris and London.
1. In The Mood for Love - DVD bought in Paris. I know, I's not like it's not sold in Malaysia but it has French subtitle and dialogue. Just wonder how sexy Maggie's voice over will be in French or she herself do the French voiceover???
2. Annie Hall - DVD bought in Virgin Megastore in Paris. Woody Allen... no need explanation right?
3. Joni Mitchell - 2 DVD set Collector's Album (A Life Story and Painting With Words) bought in London. The folksy woman who brought us Big Yellow Taxi (hey... Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton did a cover ok?)
4. Wicked - CD Soundtrack of the Musical
Sorry my friends... as you all know, I'm not really a souvenir guy. So, no souvenir haha.....


CruelAngel said...

souvenirs are pain in the ass.

it's take up space and weight.

wasting time to choose. not sure if those fella likes it.

The best personal souveniors is those shit that i shitted out during vacations are those are food cosumed there as well.

CK said...

yes, it take up space and weight. hmm... i wonder if travel stories can be souvenir or not? if can, i'm more than willing to offer...