Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's Next Now?

Anwar asked for an emergency parliament session to be held latest by 23rd Sept by sending Abdullah another letter. He will distribute the 1st letter which Abdullah mentioned as nothing mentioned. Anwar rebutted Abdullah remark with some funny quote.
So, in another words, no meeting the King yet. If Abdullah refuse to convene an emergency session in Parliament, Pakatan will meet again to discuss the next course of action. Quite a number of people asked questions during the press con expressing their impatience with the progress of things. Looks like not only Anwar is impatient but his supporters too. Reason for not revealing the list given by Anwar is to give assurances to the possible defectors that they will not be harassed.
So, the Anwar-ideal case is Abdullah agree on the emergency session (how likely will that be????) all the MP will be there without worrying about the risk of being harassed. With the numbers that Anwar has, Abdullah will be voted-no-confidence right there and then. Abdullah might be sleeping but I don't think he will allow something like that to happen. It's like opening your house door to let people come to take your things, never mind that the house and the things were not yours in the 1st place.
For me, another anti-climax...
P/S : Go look at the Press Con video. Catch a glimpse of Haris Ibrahim (The People's Parliament) and Uncle Bernard (Zorro's Unmasked).


Anonymous said...

What is next?

You are next! haahahaha

I heard ISA has landed in Sandakan.

Helen said...

Yeah, I do agree a peaceful transition is ideal. But, obviously ideals dun really work in the real world. sigh

I'm also getting impatient. My popcorn and beer is getting stale... waiting for the movie to start.

CK said...

im not big shot.

exactly! ur beer getting stale? my cider fully oxidized already!!! but the movie started already wat... just no ending in sight yet...

CruelAngel said...

NEXT is CK Tan taking over from Raymond Tan LOL!

If you can avoid the ISA laaa!

CK said...

i'm not interested. both the take over and of course the ISA.