Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marseille 1 : Awed by Guy and Michele's Warm Hospitality

Travelling back to Marseille by bus from Aix en Provence. Will then take the metro to meet my friend, Pierre's parents, Guy and Michele. Pic above is the train station Gare de Marseille Saint Charles. It's a big station and thank god for McD, I managed to have an "economical" breakfast and wifi internet connection to work out some stuff from work. I hate travelling before official work but ok... tat's another story.
Again, the famous Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde is in sight.

Took the metro from the Gare Saint Charles to Guy and Michele's place.

I was so thankful and grateful as Guy and Michele took time to fetch me from the metro station. Michele recognized me instantly!!! Well, being an Asian with unmistakably Asian look plus Michele did some homework... guess it's not difficult. Thanks again, Guy and Michele!!!

Back to Guy and Michele's place!!! Their house is at the top of the 3 storeys building and yes, it comes with a balcony overlooking to the sea as Marseille is next to the sea. A port and industrial city to be exact. Also the place where the head-butting Zidane came from.

My delicious French lunch. Yummy!!!!

Oh.... the so very very delicious lapin (which should be pronounced as "la pa" and not the romanized guesstimate of lapin as it mean other things. right Michele?) together with corn and potato (if I remember it correctly) By the way lapin is rabbit meat. Of course, with wine too.

And it's foie gras!!!!! The most wonderful thing is tat it was HOMEMADE!!!!!!!!!! I was so fortunate to taste Michele's home-made foie gras during my 1st meal with them and yes....I had been so lucky to taste many more delicious French cooking the few days after that. Oh....I'm blessed!!!! And thanks to Pierre too!!!!!

More on Marseille and the wonderful Guy and Michele in the coming posts.....


steph said...

Looking at the pics activates my saliva gland. M soooo envious!! Foie-gras!!

CK said...

haha... yeah.
it's all so tasty.