Sunday, September 21, 2008

Montpellier 7 : Hush, No Rush

France, just as many othe Western Europe countries, has a large population of immigrants. So you will find a lot of different types of cuisine available, for instance the Indian Muslim restaurant below.
Aand the core traditional Catholic Christian practice was practised quite widely too. It was some religious holiday on the day I reached Montpellier and they had the Mother Mary paraded along the street in the evening. At the back is the biggest musics store in Montpellier, 3 storey Virgin Megastore.

The famous restaurant called Tamarillo's where a young Gordon Ramsay (the cooking reality TV show, Hell's Kitchen?) learn his pastrycooking.

The shopping mall, err..."sth sth Sauramp" I think.


The mural decorated hall actually is a ping-pong stadium located near to my host's place.

Sipping the "smells like coffee, looks like coffee" Ricore at the balcony

The official emblem of Montpellier....I guess

The fantastic bicycle for rent in Montpellier. Of course, it's unimaginable to have the same system in Malaysia's humid weather. Oh...speaking of which, Paris has a similar system but more sophisticated one too. Saved me plenty of euro haha....


CruelAngel said...


Gordon Ramsey, I love him

a Great &^(&^((-er...

hahaha, so this is the place he start to fook?

Anonymous said...

indeed an interesting place but travelling in europe can be very boring if its continuous as most builidng looks the same.

they are good in marketing, making their building sounds grander than they actually are.

CK said...

yeah... it's TAT Gordon Ramsay. His swearing is as smooth as chap kok hing swearing during Primary 3. Remember tat guy?

siku lipat said...

makanan itu kelihatan sungguh menyelerakan..:)

syyew said...

waaa waaaa waaaa..... i wanna go toooooo :`(

Anonymous said...

Thats not quite true about Gordon Ramsey.
Infact, the chef who runs Tamarillos, Philippe Chapon, learnt the finer parts of his trade as the dessert chef at the famous Parisian restaurant, Guy Savoy. Ramsey was responsible for the main courses at the same time!

CK said...


thnx for your insights. i wrote what i read in LP.

do drop ur name though.